I write sometimes.
Image by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash

All this time alone,
Can’t help but think
About the times long gone.

That gray winter night,
That colorless place
with the colorful lights.

And a stranger’s embrace,
Unasked not unwanted
In the winter haze.

A story of old -
Girl meets boy,
Boy meets girl.

Words exchanged, silence shared.
She walked through my walls
as if they were never there.

And now years past,
her face, her voice,
every detail lost.

Only her name remains,
and a single regret
of not asking her to stay.

Divyansh Verma, April 2020

Free Verse

Photo by Hailey Kean on Unsplash

You have carried out your aimless tasks — when
You have laughed at your needless antics — when
You have had your hollow conversations — when
You have said your detached goodbyes — when
Another light-less day has passed you by —then —
How will you hide then
From the demons
You so fiercely guard
From everyone?
Where will you hide then
From yourself?
They find you.
You always do.

Playing hide-and-seek alone
A never ending game.
An inevitable fate

@ Divyansh Verma 2019


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